Iíve just spent what I can only describe as an inspirational hour with your pedal!
Iíve not had this much fun since I got my first delay pedal.  Iíve installed it on my pedalboard and in the context of everything else I have itís just brilliant.  Itís so much the ďfuzzĒ Iíve been looking for.
Well done sir. - Philip Broadhurst

Please read Philip's Blog - http://www.poshguitars.com/2014-two-weddings-funeral/

or visit his website - http://www.poshguitars.com/

Well what can i say?, I was gobsmacked when i first had a twiddle with the controls. The amount of different sounds from such a tiny unassuming looking box! Using my two main guitars, a fender "baja" 50's tele and a 1980 les paul "firebrand" through an orange tiny terror set clean. What a sound! No matter where you set the fuzz control, it's just a case of twiddling the bias control till you hit the sweet spot you're looking for! Started with the tele and i soon noticed it can not only do, all out, in your face fuzz!, but wind the fuzz back to between 10 and 1 o'clock, up the level control between 3 o'clock to full, whack a chunk of shape on for a wee mid boost and then the icing on the cake. The bias control, all the way left. A thinner/crispier sound (best for when fuzz is maxed). The more you turn right. The fatter, warmer, smoother sound you get and dare i say, a bit more oomph in the last quarter turn. Best suited for when fuzz is low. The difference when switching guitars was insane! This pedal absolutely screams with humbuckers! But again same thing, you can turn down the fuzz and adjust the bias to taste, for anything from a nice warm/smooth overdrive with a slight fuzzy character to it (which works great with the reggae band i'm in "thick slice"), all the way to a screaming untameable beast!! The best thing of all though, is that not only does it have a fantastically amazing tone and sound no matter what setting or guitar used. You can still hear your guitar's sound in the mix. It doesn't (like so many fuzz's i've tried) smother your sound. It all works so musically wonderfully. Even maxed out! As I found out at my main band (Itchy blue monkey) rehearsal, it just rejuvenated our sound!! So hats off to DRW for making an outstanding fuzz pedal. All i can say is thank you so much! Phill Pearson - Guitarist with Itchy Blue Monkey & Thick Slice

The design and build of this pedal is sleek and robust. The neon blue on ''LED'' adds the finishing touch to an impeccable looking piece of kit.

After playing around with this pedal I was amazed at the amount of permutations that can be achieved. Whether creating a slightly dirty blues sound, a heavily fuzzed 70's rock tone or subtle warm fuzz overtones, they were easy to find.

I played through this pedal with various guitars ranging from 'Les Paul' style guitars, Ibanez floating/locking tremolo type guitars and acoustic guitars. Each and every option created new and exciting effects. Also when set up through my digital effects board, it embellished and finished off some sounds I had already been working on, fantastic! Switching between pickups in turn had some cool results.
I'm looking forward to recording and performing live with this new addition to my arsenal.
To sum up this pedal in two words -
 'Fuzz heaven!'
- Tim Page - Session guitarist.

Looks bomb proof, only time will tell, nice quality in/out jacks, sounds great I really do love this pedal, no fancy packaging, it does exactly what it is supposed to and I would recommend if not initially thinking of buying one at least try one, you may well change your mind. - SJR

I never bother leaving reviews like this but holy moley this is one fine fuzzbox! I defy anyone with knowledge of such things to find me a more useful fuzz than the Ge Fuzz Ace. As a studio engineer I usually shy away from using such things whilst laying down tracks  but this little box is sooo subtle I can trust it to behave impeccably even if the player won't. Try and you will buy - Awesome! - Dave Scott

The Ge Fuzz Ace Plus is the bomb! Just like the best pedals from the 60s and 70s. - KR

Been to DRW to try out various pedals and amps and am absolutely blown away by the stuff! The prototype amp that they have is incredible. My SG has never sounded so good. Only problem now is that my crappy Peavey amp sounds pants compared to the DRW one. However, there is a silver lining 'cos I tried out the V2 twin-valve pre-amp pedals and this managed to get my amp, whilst nowhere near the beautiful sound that came out of the DRW amp, at least sounding good again. Couple this with the DRW Overdrive pedal and it's pretty amazing. I'm surprised at how different the two circuits are; being able to switch from a silicon overdrive to a germanium is like having two pedals in one. I know what's going on my Christmas list!!

Fred Heeks


Dr. W wrote - The Ge Fuzz Ace and Fuzz Ace Plus
Are both Limited edition
Please hurry if you fancy owning one of these little beauties!





'the last compressor you'll ever buy should be your first.'

'My good friends at DRW electronics make a truly great British compressor pedal.'

Ned Evett

The JD-01 is probably the best compressor I've ever used. Slow attack is wonderful for swelling harmonic frills - faster attack smoothes out any blemishes in my picking technique (thanks for making me sound so good) and the increase in gain I get when I turn up the sustain makes my strat sing! The blend control is the icing on the cake though - what a genius idea. I can have all the benefits of compression without sounding like I have a compressor on. Thanks guys. - Bill B.

When I first opened the box, my impression was this looks great, not what I was expecting, very rugged. The next surprise was when I came to try it, this unit has a great tone, not coloured just a very nice boost, whatever setting I use it on, it does exactly what it is supposed to, I don't actually turn it off! - JG

I wasn't too sure what to expect from a pedal like this and can't say technically that I really understood why I needed one. I routinely use; distortion, phaser and chorus pedals none of which are too subtle. This pedal is however 'super subtle' creating a great warm sustain and really flattens out the notes without dampening the brightness or tone of the sound. Since I plugged it in I 've never turned it off. These pedals look super cool, they look classically solid and are ultra compact. I've also had the opportunity to use a prototype DRW Ge fuzz Ace pedal which is outstanding it creates a massive powerhouse of a sound and when in combo with the sustain from the compressor is awesome.  - Peter Haworth, guitar/vocals

I play guitar in a covers band playing stuff from the 70ís, 80ís and 90ís (punk, post punk, new wave Ė that sort of thing) and so a chorus pedal, flanger and delay would appear to be mandatory. A compressor is a much more subtle effect than any of the above, and itís been easy to think that I could live without one. Now Iím not so sure. Having the DRW compressor, I have to say Iím very impressed. Suffice to say that this pedal looks great, is extremely well made and does all the things that a compressor should do, very well indeed. Itís made with top quality components, has a true bypass function and is very quiet in operation. It can be used as a clean boost, to increase sustain, to help overdrive an amp, to compress the sound of course, and goodness knows what else with a bit of twiddling of the four knobs on the front. (Level, sustain, trim and attack). I did think the on/off switch looked to be a bit too close to the control knobs, but in practice this didnít seem to be an issue. Best of all itís hand made here in the UK, in the Rossendale Valley, Lancashire. So thatís got to be good. - Liam Spencer Ė Fine Artist and guitarist with "The Crimpolenes"

Very well made, looks and sounds great on my pedal board, first rate compressor. - KM

Absolute bargain- I've never seen a pedal this good at anything like this price - these are real high end recording studio quality items - unbelievable. - DB

Yes, received the compressor (JD-01). A truly quality item and it sounds fantastic. I have the controls pretty much all at 12 o'clock. and it just brings my guitars (Gibson custom shop 1959 LP and Fender custom shop Nowcaster) to life. They are now a complete joy to play clean whereas before the dynamics were all over the place. As a result I am playing a lot more now. I am really happy with the pedal and the service. Thank you very much indeed! - Wayne Van De Klee

Thank you DRW - at last a bass fuzz pedal that doesn't sound like slutch. It's been an inspiration. I've never really f@*%ed about with my sound before but this little beast demands that you do so. I truly think my playing has progressed as a direct result of owning this pedal! John E

Every now and then I buy something on impulse - this is the first time it's been better than I thought it would - its kind of like a fattener for bass - half overdrive half fuzz and better than both. I use it all the time now as kind of a boost pedal live. I'm toying with the idea of getting another to use more full on at the same time. It's that good - (wonder if you'd give me a discount?) - Jeff.

Fuzz bass - great tone - really quiet - never too ridiculous. Dead easy to use too - PK

I tried the fuzz bass out with both my Rickenbacker 4001 and Fender Bass VI and got some pretty cool sounds out of both. With the Rickenbacker it worked really well as a subtle fuzz, just to add to the growl of the bass with the Intensity just over half way and Bias just under. Everything sounded nice and clear, even with bass chords it just added to the character of the bass and didn't sound messy. With the Fender VI I found it more fun to crank up the intensity and bias for more of a heavy/dirty fuzz sound. Depending on how much I pushed the bias I could keep root notes sounding relatively intact, but when cranked it sounded pretty insane jumping from the high to low notes on the bass. With a couple of POGs you could have something similar to that Royal Blood sound. I compared the DRW with my Deluxe Bass Big Muff and found that I could achieve the sounds that I wanted much easier with the DRW. The Big Muff has more options for shaping the fuzz and may have more versatility, however the DRW delivers instantly usable sounds and has a more simplistic layout. This was a big help when it came to making a decision for what sound to use, I can spend ages searching for a good combination with the Big Muff so I really liked how instantly pleasing the DRW sounded! - Philip

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