The JD-01 Compressor has been produced with the help of Jerry Donahue who has given his invaluable feedback in every aspect of the design, it is again based around the CA3080 Operational Transconductance Amplifier as used our other designs, but with the addition of a BLEND control.

This models four external controls are Attack, Blend, Sustain and  Level, this being  the compressor output level only! the Input trim control available externally on our other models is still available but as an internal trim preset which can be adjusted on the PCB. So now more info about the BLEND part of the design, basically the original Input signal goes through a Split and Blend circuit allowing you to always have part of the input signal appearing at the output, Jerry specified this as he wanted to keep the dynamics of the original guitar signal, and be able to "mix" this into what appears at the output socket.

With the blend control fully Anti-clockwise only the original guitar signal will appear at the output, fully clockwise only the compressed signal will appear at the output, this is useful for setting the parameters of the compressor, before you set a mix level, in between will give you a mix of both. The Level control on this unit only adjusts the compressed signal output so you can adjust the compressor to be higher in level than the original signal if required.

The following are demo videos of the DRW JD-01 Compressor

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